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Thursday, June 14, 2012

timeless portfolio changes - VZ, KMP and F, DD

I try not to make any changes to the Timeless Portfolio, to keep the theme "timeless" :), but I can not ignore the potential to maximize the gain.

KMP will be replacing VZ.

Verizon's yield is starting to decline. Historically it has traded with a yield range between 3.5-7%. It's yield is near 4.7% now. The stock could keep rising to approach a yield of the low 4s. Which should equate to a stock price near 46. But KMP has declined off of its highs, making its yield more interesting.

The short-term risk with KMP is that its power to increase its yield is hindered due to the depressed Nat.Gas and declining crude prices. Until prices firm up, the stock should chill here, yielding 6.3%. (If KMP approaches low 70s, I will actually purchase it for the real portfolio.)

 DD will be replacing F.

Thanks to the market decline DD took a hit, and is now yielding near 3.5%. Ford has not increased their dividend as much or as quickly as I wanted to see. I also like the way DD has transitioned their business being more exposed to Ag and foods, along with the benefiting from the lower nat gas price.

The changes will be reflected tomorrow.

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