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Monday, June 18, 2012

Microsoft confusion continues

The tablet MSFT unveiled today has one kick-ass trailer. Really kick-ass. And the blogs have been pretty kind to the product.

But I'm still confused. Maybe it's because they did not give enough info on the strategy and product. Here are my sources of confusion:

1. 2 versions of the product, ARM based and intel based. Why 2 versions?

2. Is MSFT killing the license model?

3. What's the cost?

4. When is it available?

5. What about mobility. New devices are now shifting to LTE. Is the surface supporting 4G?

6. Battery life?

Gotta give credit where credit is do. Microsoft delivered something interesting today. But in typical Microsoft fashion, it left me interested in the package, but empty inside.

I remember when the iPad was announced. What made it remarkable was the price point, not the fact that it was a tablet. If the Surface (with specs comparable to the iPad) is not below priced significantly below the iPad, the blogger excitement will die quickly.

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