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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Greece vs Germany... oh. yeah. its on!!!

Greece vs Germany, this Friday. Symbolism at its finest.

Regardless of what happens, and the barely positive elections by the New Democracy, the chatter of re-assurance has increased significantly. And the increase is not by some 2nd rate officials, the chatter is coming from people that matter.

6/14/12 - The ECB, with Draghi as an author, is working on the unification of the banking system, a bank regulator with teeth and a deposit insurance program.

06/13/12 - Geithner - Europe will hold it together, "They tell us privately they will do what ever is necessary to hold it together."

06/14/12 - Germany now willing to share the debt burden.

6/11/12 - Spain gets aid, with out much resistance.

06/4/12 - Germany's willingness to act on a solution. (eurobonds, bad bank)

06/03/12 - Soros leading the big boys to a less negative view.

Usually, chatter is far more subtle then the above. But we have a situation where the chatter has become breathtakingly blunt, and the message from Europe more unified.

Next step, Greece wining the Euro Cup 2012! Then getting their shit together with austerity, and ensuring its implemented every step of the way.

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