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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Market Thought... ?

The sentiment is obvious, and the mood has been the same 'blahness'.  I don't agree with the current sentiment, but I understand it.

I found the below perspective interesting.

The Euro has declined over 5% in two weeks. This should translate to better info on the EU PMI front.

The dollar is at its Oct highs. I don't know if this move is safe-haven play or a result of the declining Euro. The fact that the dollar is at levels where Europe was facing real systemic bank runs, I found interesting.

Similar set up for the treasury. IMO, the yield signals the safe-haven play.

Two indicators that act as safe havens are suggesting the market is at a heightened level of fear, similar to where we were prior to the ECB's willingness of intervention, structural reforms, support from the EFSF, ESF and IMF, and a mechanism allow for country exits from the EU.

The data, in relation to the current macro conditions, does not jive with me. (But I have been trading like shit these past few months, so I currently suck.)

The SP500 seems to want to touch its 150SMA.

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