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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ITRI and the Smart Grid

I make it no secret that I really like ITRI here. (Search the blog via 'ITRI' and you can see all my posts.) In fact I loved it higher, near 46 and double downed on it after they took the high from earnings. The market negativity has now taken it to financial crisis levels, which is simply ridiculous.

The smart grid build out is just getting started! The only countries in Europe that actually installed meters are Sweden and Italy, the rest will be installing now through 2016.

(the pic is from GTM research)

And I am not even factoring in Asia (Japan and China) or the US (Which I think needs to see standards before utilities start implementing rapidly. Although California is taking a lead regardless of standards.)

I own it, and will not consider actively trading this stock until it approaches its daily 200SMA. (It is just being discounted extremely inefficiently by the market right now.)

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