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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

few thoughts... like emerging markets? and GOOG

EM - Well if you love emerging markets, then you should also love the SP500. (As I pointed out  before, US corporations are into the emerging markets enough that there is a clear correlation.)

GOOG - The Standard and Poor's does it again. They place a 'sell' rating on a stock that is seeing tremendous growth within all areas of cultural mega-trends from search, social, mobile and online video. (I just do not know how the Standard and Poor's is a respected institution. Seriously, I just don't get it.)  Google retraced its entire move from the last quarter. The market has effectively discounted the tremendous growth it is seeing.

Google's attempted MMI purchase is interesting, but what is more interesting is that all of Google's major partners publicly approved of the deal. Which indicates Google talked to them before pursuing MMI for its patents.  MMI also has about $3Billion in cash, which brings the deal cost to about $9Billion.  Seems like the market sees this purchase for what it is, protection. And with all major of Android's major partners giving the thumbs up, why should Google be valued differently?  Or is S&P going to upgrade it when it gets back to 600?

From a purely technical perspective, Google is at a critical support. Given that Google has basically gone nowhere for over a year and a half, with proof of breath-taking performance, I like it here as an entry.

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