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Sunday, November 28, 2010

WTF Wikileaks?!?

What corruption has the most recent Wikileak shed light on? Nothing.

I fail to understand what is motivating Julian Assange to release this information. After reading the points from Politico, there is nothing on here of substance to the average citizen of any country. There is only information that can cause ripples in a relationship.

I am all for transparency, especially when it is dealing with acts of theft or illegal activity that is otherwise corrosive to a functioning society. The information that Wikileaks released does not shed light on a corrosive aspect of society. As such, the documents published are irrelevant to citizens of the respective societies.

Instead the leaks were merely back room conversations and dealings which are obviously a necessity in any form of government. They do nothing but compromise those dealings.

Julian Assange, and those leaking these documents, are compromising a functioning society, especially a democratic one. And if their objective is to compromise it, they are against it.

The only people that would care for the type of information Wikileaks has released are other governments. Where is the benefit to the average citizen?

Basically, Wikileaks is conducting espionage with no value added information to society.

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