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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

some charts... AAPL, AXP, GOOG, IBM

AAPL - Its price is right, and I did enter on this decline. I will add more if 295 is seen or when I feel the market has finished correcting.

AXP - The name is consolidated, with a trailing PE historically trading at 14, I have a limit order at 41.30.

GOOG - Its oversold, and told us their emerging businesses (mobile and billboard) is kicking into high gear. The weekly chart indicates 575 can be seen, but I like it here so I purchased, will add more at 575. (Do not think it will retrace its pre-quarter price, 550. Too much news of re-acceleration in the last quarter to justify that.)

IBM - I am such a fan of this company. It now trades at a trailing PE below 13, while having a 5yr growth rate of 15%. (I know Goldman issued a caution note due to gov. spending, but IBM is no CSCO. IBM's services reduce costs, CSCO is capital intensive costs. Two very different expenses.) I already added, and will add more at 140.

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