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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facebook is an f-n tease

(I got my new computer, set up wireless access in 'our' home and got my apps and contact info for my iPhone 4. I feel whole again. But after completing my homework on equities and charts, i'm too tired to start uploading pics and typing an intricate post. But I do have time for a quick post on Facebook.)

There 'Project Titan' announcement today is a complete and ytter joke. It is bullshit. All facebook did today was to repackage and re-brand 'Facebook' as a social inbox. Facebook, at its core, is a communication tool. Nothing more, nothing less. All its services are predicated on informing 'your friends' of something. Whatever that 'something' is is up to the user who decides to tag and project the information. Its past, current and apparently its future method of communication is purely text-based messaging. Except in the future, you will be sending a message from Facebook with a cute 'bow' on it. (sarcasm)

During my Honeymoon I realized the true power of certain web-based communication tools. All free. Skype, iCall and Whatsapp (or Kik, similar service) allowed me to communicate, via wifi seamlessly for free. All I kept thinking about was how great these services were, and how awesome would it be if someone put them all together.

Skype offers great voice connectivity free when making Skype-to-Skype calls.

iCall offers a very decent free voice connectivity to any phone via your contact list due to a brief 10-15sec ad that must be heard prior to the call.

Whatsapp offers free cross platform (mobile OS systems) text unlimited messaging to another phone with the app. (The app cost 1.99, but Kik is the same service and it is free.)

Here I was using 3 services to do all my needed communicates, internationally, for free. The average person is not going to realize how to do this, but if Facebook just embraced who they really are (a communication tool), they could apply all these services under one roof, and make serious cash.

Facebook's critical mass gives it such leverage for such services, along with their traditional text-based messaging.

It would be so awesome if I could call a Facebook friend, facebook-to-facebook, for free via the facebook app. Or call a phone via facebook mobile app (after I listen to a short ad). Or txt via the facebook mobile app. Make the service app-to-app, so that it is cross Android, iOS or Blackberry platform.

This is what 'Project Titan' should have been, not some bullshit-repackaged set of services they already provide.

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