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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Market Thought... healthy

So we are seeing a pull back from the 1150 level, more so due to the Jobless Claims numbers this morning. The market will be approaching the 14 SMA.

I make no secret I am a fan of the current market, and this is the level I wanted to take advantage.
I will look to add to AAPL, IBM and GS today. The investment banks got hit thanks to Jefferies yesterday, but I think the sector was unfairly punished.
JEF trades at multiple almost twice that of GS. Even though JEF was taking share and in a strong position, their valuation merited a pull back. The big boys are already being discounted for the lost earnings. Their multiples are telling us this already. (Also, the analysts came out yesterday with their revised views due to JEF's earnings, so today the dust should be settling.)

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