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Thursday, September 2, 2010


No doubt the job market looks weak via the macro perspective. But via the micro prospective I see a different picture.

I managed a group of 5 for a biotech manufacturing facility. In late May we were told the site, in particular, my department will be shutting down w/in a year.

3 of those individuals found another job within 2 months of the announcement. A fourth just gave me his resignation today. (He could have left sooner, but was selective with his desired employment.)

The fifth can leave, but is choosing to stay. I am also choosing to stay. (I am petitioning to get a package, so I will begin trading full time and start an investment partnership shortly thereafter.)

A few new people have come in to replace those that left.

Point is, my microcosm of the job market tells me experienced intelligent people are finding jobs. Hopefully this begins to translate to the macro environment sooner-than-later.

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