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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lack of posts... IBM, F and MF

Too many things going on all at once have taken a bit of a toll.

1. day job - Another reorganization took place. This reorganization puts me one step closer to my desired out come, getting a package. Unfortunately the situation places a lot of burden on me to train new individuals before I leave, and am relied upon too much for my knowledge base. Basically it leaves me little time to actively trade, and watch the market. (Hence the lack of intraday posts.)

2. wedding stuff - The date is rapidly approaching, and I find myself running around too much and stressing about things I never though I would give a rats ass about. I make time to review my charts and conduct my research, but I feel it is condensed. So much so, that in hind-sight, I see that I missed a few opportunities. It is quite frustrating.

None one ever thinks the accumulation of stresses gets to them, but when stepping back and looking back, it gets quite evident that it does.

Anyway, thats enough of the bitching. But I do see opportunities here, even with this run up.

1. IBM looks to want to approach 129-130, if not higher.

2. F - Placed a limit order for 11.70. May not get there, but I can not actively watch it to deduce an intraday bottom.

3. MF looks to want to retest 7.50 - 7.60. I really like this one longer term, but for a trade off the the high 6s, it may pull back to the low 7s after hitting the mid 7s. (Looking to sell at 7.55 and re-enter on a consolidation. The consolidation should be minimal, so if not a fan of trading, selling may not be worth it.)

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