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Monday, June 27, 2016

Trades - $aapl $amzn $bac $ibm $twtr

The collapse in the pound really fucked shit up for multinationals. All will see a hiccup over the next quarter or two. Regardless, there is still value in the names, and approaching technical inflection points. 

aapl - very oversold, and near support. May flush to low90/high80s.

amzn - resilient in this market, but they will take a hit on their revenues. Initial entry between 650-675. Heavy entry between 600-625.

bac - sell it off in pieces and the stock jumps to $16-17. With the bulk of its biz in America, thanks to sentiment in UK and decline in treasury yield, the stock declines. May go to $8, with no basis on the fundamentals. But may be at support when arbitrarily looking at the log chart.

ibm - scale in digital ad biz and health will begin to matter, but OMG the currency hit they will take.

twtr - stickers and fun stuff matter for engagement and new demographic of users. Now that these are rolling out, so will other engagment friendly things like live video filters. I am so bullish on them now. Seriously. This is their fundamental inflection point. TWTR has a dedicated-intellectual core user. They need to expand the demographic. Fun-to-use expands demographic.

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