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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

$yhoo - media and tech blurred lines

Yahoo [loves] these blurred lines! 
You know you want it. 
Content for your platform
Yahoo wants to get nasty
hey hey hey hey

Yahoo is pushing investors the narrative of MAVNS. While clever, I don't see yahoo in that context. It boils down to two categories: media and technology. 


1. Producing original content. (News, magazines, videos etc)

2. Distributing that content to other platforms. (Most prominent in Snapchat discover. Yet to prove its viral worth though.)

3. Leveraging their massive user base to transition users to mobile centered applications. (Tumblr, News Digest, Weather, mobile apps, mobile friendly web design, etc)

4. Media partnerships (ABC)

5. Distribution deals (SNL, etc)


1. Gemini (naitive ads and network placements)

2. Mobile Analytics / development  (flurry, in app search)

3. Video (brightroll)

4. Continuous improvements on established core functions (mail, content consumption)

Yahoo is the most under rated media / tech stock in the market. Period.

An indication is the types of advertising their network is attracting. In particular tumblr, the weather app, Magazines and News Digest. High quality brands from Crysler, Honda, ATT, Google, Charmin, WarbyParker etc.

Last quarter, Yahoo gave us a reason to believe, but it was drowned out by the BABA spin off announcement. The coming quarters, the market will not be able to ignore the performance. 

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