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Thursday, October 10, 2013

tweet tweet @twitter

A few thoughts on Twitter as the ipo nears:

Quarter-to-quarter revenue growth is pretty good. March 2013 quarter was a bit of an outlier.

Gross Margins doing well. 

Despite the lack of profits, Gross Margins have been increasing while operating losses (as a % of revenue) have been decreasing. (2013 is an estimate from the current 6 months of data provided.)

This is good for profitability. (My estimates suggest profitability in 2014.)

The above numbers have me very interested in Twitter, as a company. As a stock, the amount of shares issued will obviously be the make-or-break. As of April 2013, twitter's second market price was over $20, per the S-1.

The stronger the trends, the better the stock price.

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