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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

iOS engagement jumps and still dominates $aapl

iOS user interface(UI) is in such dire straits that mobile browsing jumped, and still dominates. (As per NetApplications)

See, the problem Wall Street has is that its filled with a shit load of idiots. All these "idiots" take the idea of others pawn it off as their own and gauge the thesis on the momentum of the stock. (This is why negative and positive cycles emerge.)

In Apple's case, the momentum requires a thesis. And since there are influencers (usually the very techie early adopters who want new things yesterday) say UI needs to change. So the idiots latch to the thesis, and call Apple stale.

Mean while, as the data shows, Apple is far from stale. In fact, their reorg to refine their UI is ahead of the curve. (If it wasnt, the engagement numbers would not be spiking. They would be flat-to-declining.)

Then the talking heads on CNBC latch on to the bullshit sentiment, and literally spew shit.

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