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Friday, November 2, 2012

Apple Maps - it helped

It helped me today. Along with Siri. The combo were actually productive to my well being.

First a background of opinion:

I have not upgraded to iOS 6 via the iPhone yet because of the removal of Google Maps. Big fan of street view, and its functionality. But I updated my LTE iPad to have the latest OS.

Today's situation:

Going to the doctors I tried using Google Maps, but the loading time was pretty long on the phone. So I used Apple Maps. (It loads quickly.) The turn by turn was very good, and my wife was a big fan. What really impressed me was as I was leaving the doctor's office.

Driving off, I forgot to enter the new destination. I put Siri to the test. I asked Siri for directions to my destination, and she produced wonderfully. Kudos.

Now, once I have access to WiFi, I'll upgrade to the new OS.

ps - Getting ready to add to the AAPL position. (more over the weekend)

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