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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

GS - i'm all alone

Everywhere I look, I feel like I am the only one defending Goldman. From every corner of the media universe GS is getting its ass kicked. I feel like the Wall Street Journal wipes its ass with GS.

The indie bloggers have always hated GS, the big boys now hate them, the sophisticated folks are getting in the act via Vanity Fair, and the mass public has been out in front of their building on Broadway with torches for some time now... its not pretty.

I know all the reasons why GS is not liked, seriously I do, and I will argue every point with a legitimate counter-point the haters never seem to fit into their unbiased stories.

Here is what I have to say to haters:

For fuck-sake people, its is a company, a company that makes money. Get over your warp sense of righteousness.

Here is a sense of righteousness, how about Regency Enterprises or Chuck Palahniuk (or whoever owns the rights to the content to Fight Club) sue the hell out of for blatantly infringing on copyrighted characters.

I thought we were all in the market to make money. GS happens to be good at making money. Oh, but wait, the haters make money too.

Those very people that bash GS are the very people (every single fucken one of them) making the most money from the bashing. Some sense of righteousness.

GS, I got your back. Even though I'm all beaten up, and alone in the dark scary woods, I still got your back.

PS... Lloyd, keep performing well as a company, maintain the GS culture and keep your mouth shut. Stop giving the haters fuel. They don't need more. Its already an inferno. k?!?

Technically speaking, this is why I like the stock here:

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