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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm back...

Looks like the 320SMA thesis was correct, via the previous 'Market Thought' posts... wicked.

So now we must question what will happen next. Since I am very tired, having just arrived back from Holiday, I can not give a straight answer just yet. The reason...

1. the 10yr yield is very oversold, which means its due for a bounce. (IMO, the yield rises, so does this market, and push the SP to 1000)

2. the Vix looks interesting. While overbought, it looks to be changing a trend. (could see the SP 500 between 950-970, if the market chooses to go negative)

Conflicting. But I still think the risk is to the down side. (limited rewards on the upside at current levels) I have not yet looked at the individual stocks to provide further psychological mood of the market just yet, and will not until tomorrow. I am far too tired at the moment.


  1. I thought vacations were so you could relax and refresh. Before I retired, I would look forward to the end of vacation so I could get some damn rest!

    Glad you're back, looking forward to your thoughts on the market, and hope your re-entry isn't too stressful.