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Friday, August 21, 2009

A few comments...

1. I added FXI and PBR yesterday. (PBR looks overbought at the moment, but I will keep it as it broke from its high 43 resistance and may want to test mid 45... I have a sell limit order there.)

FXI I plan on holding until it gets overbought.

2. BKE... how in the world traders sold this off yesterday is beyond me. The chart is not indicative of the fundamentals here. The only company I know that produced double digit same store sales numbers during one of the worst economic times of 2 generations, and has a PE of 11. BKE and JCG (J. Crew), IMO, are at the same level of great retailers and should be valued similarly. Except BKE has ZERO debt, so deserves a premium, yet it gets a huge discount. I have not sold this, will not sell this until it gets a much better premium, and am looking to add.

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