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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I entered an initial position in FXI at high 35. Looking to double up around 33.

Desired positions...

BNI looks really interesting here. Will place a limit order for 65 (double up)

F - at 5

FCX - 42.5 (double up)

GS 130 Jan Calls when it is at 130. (Although 120 may seem like firmer support.)

JPM - around mid 30 (double up)

MA - around 150

PBR - around 32.50

PWR - around 18 (double up)

SQM - around 33 (double up)

ITRI looks interesting here, but I would rather have others as a core position. Will look to enter (if I do not get some of the other names) at 47.5 or so.

Will post charts later in the day, but due to a lack of time I can not upload them quick enough.

I like a bunch of names, but do not expect all the price targets to be achieved. With this break down I plan on positioning myself to a very low cash position. (Basically to have enough cash to make my daytrades, when they come up.)

The fact that we are breaking down has not escaped me, but as stated previously I am using these moments of weakness to replenish my portfolio.


  1. what about ICE?

  2. with all the regulation talk, i would put a forward multiple on ICE that merits a heavily regulated sector. That should be between 10-13. (but I would argue the higher side due to its balance sheet). Also, Cramer is now openly calling for more regulation of the oil's future contracts.

    Too much uncertainty here for me to play with, especially when there are other mouth watering names at the current market level.