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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AAPL... nice

Really nice AAPL quarter... was hoping for a sell off from it simply meeting the whisper numbers, allowing it to come down from its overbought position, but the market seemed to have voted favorably and continue the overbought rally.

I want to be in AAPL, but I must wait for the right moment. And I do not think right now is that moment.

After hours suggest AAPL will see 158 tomorrow. With such an overbought condition, worry it will be the best time to get in. (Especially coupled with a fairly overbought -in the short term- market.)

If I can get in at today's close (151-152) in a few days, or when the overbought condition eases (which could very well mean AAPL settles at a higher price, I will enter call options with the appropriate strike.

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