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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Charts and Time

Time is by far the most valuable commodity, screw Oil and Copper :). At work, I recently got promoted and since early June I have been transitioning from my previous position to a manager role. Like anything, there are positive and negatives, but one of the most challenging aspects of the new position is that I have little time to actively watch the ticker moment to moment, the way I like to. It actually calms me. Because of this transition, I have been spending consistent 14-16hr days at work w/overtime none-existent. It sucks balls when I can not be by a computer to readjust limit orders based on real time market observations, and partially miss out on added gains. (Gains to which would have covered my increase in pay, to which this manager position has given me, in a few days vs a full year. And then a certain socially inept beeach wonders why I have the ability to openly tell people they are ass backwards wrong... in the most politically charming sort of way :)

Anyway... the charts of the XLF and VIX are below.

The XLF clearly shows a break out:

Then there is the VIX that was up nicely w/the market being up:

If the VIX indicator is correct, and the market goes down look to take advantage. The XLF suggests to add to financials. My favorite is JPM, and if GS pushes lower, I am looking to play GS if it sees the 145-150.

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