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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

$twtr $ebay

TWTR broke from its weeks-long negative trend. (The company is worth more than Whatsapp, and given its high-level user base of influencers, twtr has a very real potential to be a $100 market cap company.)

EBAY is down some 11 of 14 weeks, leading to an 18% decline, after a breakout head-fake in late Feb early March. (This is after a years worth of consolidation.)

The technician in me wants to sell ebay outright. But the fundementalist in me says 'fuck that noise'. Its a $66 stock, but willing to sell 1/3 of my position near 57. (With all this liquidity available, a Walmart buyout / merger of ebay would be interesting. WMT would gain tons of leverage in online/mobile retail over amzn and could effectively reduce their credit card expenses by massively adopting and promoting the use of PayPal. Also, given store locations, and their sizes, they can become same-day pickup services and / or same-day deliveries fairly easily.)

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