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Thursday, June 19, 2014

$aapl $goog $msft $fb $amzn mobile hardware

aapl - vertically integrated to produce profit. Best in class.

goog - Nexus used to push the OEMs to keep improving. Google's attempt to be a real vertically integrated OEM failed via Moto. The only differentiation on Moto phones was voice control and made in the USA w/ Moto X. Not enough and no connection to a consumer. (And they will keep failing at consumer hardware until they understand the customer satisfaction. Real people customer, not advertising customer.)

msft - does not have a viable ecosystem to differentiate a full vertically integrated hardware experience. So it's failing on the vertical. (But horizontally it's doing very well.)

FB - their brand was never strong enough for a primary dedicated device, but for them, that was never the point. They took key UI elements and incorporated it into their app. It seemed more of a collaboration they were approached on. HTC was probably like, "make a launcher for us and we will call it the Facebook Phone." It failed because the concept was confusing from the get go. (But the launcher was an interesting idea.)

amzn - an established ecosystem is already attached to the Fire Phone. A company dedicated to the consumer. Mayday may allow the fire to succeed where Google failed. Those that have tried the Fire HD tablet maybe the first ones to embark on this phone. And if the customer attention and user experience is good enough, it may gain traction for a 'well enough' market position.  

Variations in strategy exist. The chatter that ignore it is being lazy.

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