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Monday, April 14, 2014

$yhoo tax or refund?

Yahoo reports tax day, and I'm not sure what kind of report they will give us.

Marissa Mayer has done an interesting job transforming the company. It's morphed back into an nice consumption-facing product. Beautiful layouts, fast speeds, interesting products and a focus on the driving technologies. 

Simply, the streets wants to see revenue growth. If yhoo sees it, a +7-10% move would not be surprising. 

Unfortunately there was chatter from Kara Swisher that suggests this may not happen. (Because of her connections to the industry, it's a point-of-chatter that holds more sway.)

Mayer took a more hands on role trying to court advertisers toward the end of last year. And because many of Yahoo's products were / are in the right conditions (with a high level of user numbers), there is an expectation of progress. (At least from me.)

Maybe Mayer set the stage for ad partners, and will now look to hand it off to another. But the chatter was not something that I wanted to see, obviously. 

Regardless of the core business performance, the Alibaba IPO is coming around Q3, with an expected value of $120-150billion, to add support to Yahoo's stock. But I am more interested in the revitalization of a once great internet name. Hopefully, the efforts made over the last year or so are starting to pay off.

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