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Monday, November 11, 2013

$FB dynamic

With FB easing, it is approaching interesting SMAs via the weekly chart. 

The 14 and 20 SMA acted as resistance, and may start to act as support. (There is very strong support around 35, but not sure there will be enough negativity to get it there.)

The VC selling has kicked in, with the most firm of supporters selling 30% of their position.  There is also some negative chatter re-forming on the fundamentals.  Not sure yet if the chatter will continue, but Business Insider with their bullshit titles are always entertaining. (A bit of a caveat on the negative chatter, its author is Benedict Evens, and is/was a big proponent of the "unbundling" bearish thesis on Facebook. Needless to say the unbundling thesis has been wrong, and will continue to be wrong.)

If negative chatter keeps up, the 20 SMA may be seen. May provide a nice trade for an oversold bounce.

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