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Friday, December 21, 2012

Trades... FB, QCOM and AAPL

Below are some conditions I am waiting for to take on some trades:

FB - Supports were broken, and from a technical perspective, I am waiting for 22-24 to be seen. (I would like to start re-entering into FB near 24.)

QCOM - I think right now provides a compelling deal, especially considering the level of advancements the iPhone and Android made with smartphone sales. (See below post.) QCOM has chips in most of the key phones. But looking at the technicals, and the negativity of the Fiscal Cliff, QCOM maybe testing 60 again. I will start re-entering toward that level.

AAPL - I am tired of pointing out all the positive facts with the stock. After this mention, I will stop blogging about it until they report or something extraordinary happens that merits mention. IMO, the level of share gain they are seeing (see below post) will produce a earnings beat. I think the negativity of the analysts are grossly misplaced, but this is what happens in a cycle-of-negativity. Fundamentals take a back seat to the technicals. (This is how we see analyst take down their target prices, yet consensus earnings estimates stay exactly the same.)

side note: I really want to start entering the banks again, but they are still too overbought. I would like to see more consolidation. Today's declines really did not do much to entice a re-entry.

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