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Monday, December 31, 2012

Trades... AAPL, FB, GS and QCOM

"Its the final count down." -Rocky soundtrack :)

AAPL - Regardless of fiscal cliff issues, the stock should not be below its weekly trend line near the mid 500s. (For many fundamental reasons.)

FB - It bounced off the 38SMA fairly nicely due to the Instragram negativity, then Facebook's comments on the usage number and analyst upgrades. I was looking to go heavy between 22-24, but the strength during yesterday's intraday action pushed me into an initial position near mid 25.

Looking for FB to retest the 28 level going into its report. (May unload there. Haven't decided yet.)

GS - Looking to get back into GS near 123 or the 5SMA on the weekly. (Although it can test 120s, as there is strong SMA support in that area on the daily chart.)  If GS breaks 128, the weekly 150SMA, GS may enter a new trading dynamic. Maybe a dynamic guided by earnings, not book value.

QCOM - It briefly tested the low 60s area, where I wanted to take a position, I didn't have the balls to take it on due to the fiscal cliff uncertainty. (Thought I could get it near the high 59s.)

As I was writing this the markets just went positive on deal talks. Not getting caught up in the intraday market pops. Already have AAPL and FB. Looking to take positions if there is a sell off in GS and QCOM to desired levels.

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