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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Market Thought... intel crushed it

Psst, here is a secret... (cause I know anyone reading this blog has been consistently one step ahead of everyone else, even the big boys, and writing that does feel good :)... these type of earnings merit larger multiples.

If these are the type of beats we are expecting from specific large cap companies, these type of companies (the Intel's of the world) deserve a slightly larger multiple. Instead of a forward PE of 10, why not 12? (Okay, enough pseudo arrogance, lets tone it down and get serious).

In all seriousness, these numbers are intimidating for a bear, especially a bear blindly selling two weeks ago.

An awesome truth to anyone already positioned long, is that the big boys are terribly under invested for these type of earnings. But again, I do not want arrogance to blind me here, and believe it or not, after a series of good calls, it can.

I will look to take on some short-term market protection soon. I will look to take it on when the SP 500 is around 1110-1120.

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