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Monday, February 1, 2016

The marriage of Technology & Liberal Arts $aapl

The marriage of technology and liberal arts. Whatever the narrative Apple management is pushing, this is who they are. But if Apple is serious about shifting the streets focus, they have to prove it. 

Apple has a tremendous services business. As Trump would say, "HUGE! Okaaay." But as huge as it is, the service is completely tied to the iOS which is tied to the hardware. By that logic, so goes the hardware, so goes the services. (Loyalty surveys of +95% be damned!)

To free itself from the street's hardware perception, it has to branch out. Let loose their powerful software cross platform. Liberate iMessage, and rethink what can be done within the App that can leverage Apple services.

Apple has done this before. A key service that got PC users into buying Macs: iTunes.

Its time to use iMessage, iCloud, (leveraging the ability to have an app store within iMessage, exposing android users to other services), to be the mobile era sales rep to the iphone, Apple Watch, ipad and/or whenevery they get serious about the IoT.

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