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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Is the $twtr BoD CEO dissenter Peter Currie?

From the loud chatter available we know there are only a few, if only one, dissenter preventing Jack D from being full time CEO. The vocal criteria from Chris Sacca were:

1. Low engagement with twitter product
2. No real skin in the company

Suntrust provided the below chart in a recent note.

This leave two clear candidates: Peter Currie and Marjorie Scardino.

The other day Sacca tweet "he" in reference to the dissenter.

So we are left with Peter Currie as the most likely man causing the stock to remain in a discount due to CEO uncertainty. 

To be clear, the above criteria are subjective and in relative terms, it does not exclude David Rosenblatt and Peter Chernin when comparing against the founders and Peter Fenton.

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