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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Value per User - $yhoo

The Street values Yahoo's core business around $11billion. Late last year Yahoo stated they have over 400 million mobile users. Yahoo is valued at $27.4/mobile user.

Value-per-User is a nice bullshit metric the power brokers and pundits preach to convince others of an asset worth. Its when the players justify the story with data, instead of letting data tell the story. This is how Whatsapp purchase was justified. 'Messaging is the new mobile platform', and for only $xx/user!! At the end of the day, these metrics get drowned-out and the only thing that gets heard is growth. 

True catalyst remain:

1. Alibaba ipo. Seeing how the markets are valuing mobile and social, Alibaba is an Amazon, Facebook and Paypal valuation combo. Its the kind of company, when publically traded can exceed $300b market cap. (Most recent valuation pegs it near $128b.)

Yahoo owns 24%.

2. Core business revenue picks up. Revenues start growing again, hence the street respects its core business, and it can easily see a market cap of $30-40b. 

Technically, yhoo looks good here.

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